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Mark Noll and the potential contributions of Christian scholarship

Mark Noll’s Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (1994), a book that scandalized the evangelical mind by noting that it wasn’t much in evidence (Noll then scandalized some further when he announced in 2006 that he was leaving Wheaton College after 27 years on the faculty for Notre Dame), was in a sense sequeled in 2011 […]

Remembering Sam Becker and university citizenship

Sam Becker, for whom the University of Iowa Department of Communication Studies building is named, and whose six decades career was highly accomplished, passed away on November 8.  While I was a doctoral student at Iowa in the 1990’s, Becker was already retired but still ever-present, and by the sheer randomness of graduate student office […]

Counting the humanities

Last week the American Academy of Arts and Sciences released a long-anticipated prototype of its Humanities Indicators project.  The initiative – organized a decade ago by the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and the National Humanities Alliance, and funded by the Hewlett and Mellon Foundations – responds to the […]

On student cheating

If you work in education, you likely saw the reports earlier this month relating to a new study on the incidence of high school cheating.  David Crary wrote the Associated Press report I saw, which made me wince: In the past year, thirty percent of U.S. high school students have stolen from a store and […]

Harvard’s Arts Task Force

This past Wednesday a Harvard task force appointed by president Drew Gilpin Faust released a report advocating an expanded role for the arts there.  The report is interesting in large part because it calls attention to a circumstance common on many campuses, where the arts are ubiquitous – theatrical productions and exhibitions running all the […]

The other Williams Ayers

Driving to work yesterday I heard one of Atlanta’s conservative talk radio hosts announce with a mixture of pride and wistfulness that, as a concession to Barack Obama’s victory, he had thrown out all his “research” on William Ayers, whose violent past he had been preaching for months.  Now that Obama has been chosen by […]

When college students are “illegal”

Georgia is one of those states (along with Arizona, Colorado, and Oklahoma) that has passed legislation denying the children of “illegal immigrants” access to lower in-state tuition rates.  Although the decision hits students in that category very hard, I don’t have the impression that the legislature struggled with the issue (perhaps this comes as little […]

Beyond a charmed life, astonishing discipline

About fifteen minutes ago in Beijing, Michael Phelps, with help from his three relay teammates, exceeded Mark Spitz’ seven-medal Olympics record, or should one more accurately say obliterated it:  seven world records.  Amazing. As I’ve followed the ongoing gold + gold + gold + gold + gold + gold + gold + GOLD saga, along […]

Educational assessment and helping kids

Several times in the past week I’ve heard teachers criticized for “putting their own selfish interests above the interests of the children” they teach, and although I don’t really know enough about teacher unions to defend or oppose what they do in the details of (say) a normal contract negotiation, I found myself viscerally reacting […]

Having to defend John Milton

Stanley Fish has recently written an online essay for the New York Times that defends the committed lifelong engagement with John Milton as educationally worthwhile.  I thought the essay eloquent and, to be blunt, entirely unobjectionable, the sort of paean to the liberal arts (or, more narrowly, to the humanities) any literate person would support.  […]

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